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How can I register to attend the CODE BLUE?

You can make the payments by credit card, at covenience store or ATM machine, or PayPal.

When is the deadline of registration?

The deadlines of registration and prices (excluded tax) are below. Earlier registration will be better rate you can enjoy.
- Early Bird : 30,000 JPY (before 30th of September : Expired)
- Regular registration: 35,000 JPY (before 30th of November)
- Late registration : 40,000 JPY (before 15th of December)

Can I register at onsite?

Yes, but it would be 45,000 JPY at door.

I want to attend only one day. Is there one day ticket available?

Currently, we don't provide the one day ticket, because this conference is intended to intercommunicate among all participants.

Do you provide any other options such as discount services or amenities?

We provide discount services such as "Sponsor Discount" and "Supporter Discount". If you want to know details, please ask .
Additionally, the annual licence for reading the Japanese e-mail newsletter "Scan" or the exploit specialized e-mail newsletter "Scan Tech Report" is offered whoever registers by "ScanNetSecuriy"

an you issue the receipt on my ticket purchase?

Peatix issue the receipt. You can check the sample of the PDF receipt issued by Peatix.com Peatix FAQ
If you want a receipt issued by CODE BLUE, please ask after the registration. We can issue a receipt with proviso "as confirmed by Peatix at x/x/2014".
Incidentally, if you purchased the ticket via ScanNetSecurity and want a receipt issued by them, it would be 500 JPY (excluded tax) as an additional fee.

Can I receive an invoice?

Answer: If you want an invoice and to make a payment through a bank transfer, please email to the Peatix reception desk.
1.Please fill out the Bank Transfer form and send it to Peatix contact via email with a message "Request for bank transfer".
2.We will send you an invoice via email.
3.After we confirmed of your payment, the ticket will be issued by Peatix to you.

Can I cancel the payment?

We do not refund after completed the registration. But you can transfer your purchased ticket to a friend via Peatix. Peatix FAQ : Can I transfer my ticket?

Will you send us the badges beforehand?

No. We will give you the badge at onsite. Please show your Peatix ticket at registration.

Is there the simultaneous interpretation available?

Yes, there is. We provide the simultaneous interpretation in both Japanese and English channels. Translation receiver is very expensive, so please do not forget to return it when you leave the venue.

Is there any power outlet we can use at venue?

No, we don't provide any power outlet for attendees. sorry.

Internet access available for attendees?

Yes. You will enjoy the internet access at onsite via wireless LAN.

What is included on my ticket? lunch, coffee, and networking party?

Yes, all included. Lunch and Coffee during the break, Networking party on 2nd day are included. We hope it will help for you to get to know each others mong all participants.

Do you provide the lecture materials?

No. We don't procide the lecuture materials at onsite. After the conference, we publish them in Japanese and English on SlideShare if speakers allowed.

Do you sell the movie of the lecture?

No, we do not currently plan to sell them yet.

How can I get the udpated information of CODE BLUE?

CODE BLUE publish the news via SNS, plus the mailing list.
Official Site [http://codeblue.jp/]
Twitter [@codeblue_jp]
Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/codeblue.jp]

How can I join the sponsor?

Please send the inquiry to . We can not hold this conference without sponsors' support.

Press Registration available?

Yes. Press registration is open to a member of broadband, print and internet media who we can prove they work for an organization or publication that covers computer security on a regular basis.
For press registration, please send the information below to by 15th December.
We welcome anyone to apply for press credentials but reserve the right to deny you a pass. As such, please be prepared to show us copies of your articles either at your publication's Web site or on the publication's masthead should we request it.

If you want to interview for speaker, please notify us with using the comment field.

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I am a CISSP Holder. How many of CPE credit can we earn from CODE BLUE?

You can earn "12 points of CPE credit" by attending CODE BLUE. Ask the registration desk at onsite for the CPE credit application.