Introduction to Static Malware Reverse Engineering

by Jason Jones

Date: October 18th (TUE) - 19th (WED), 2016
Venue: BELLE SALLE Shinjuku Grand 5F- Room E
Price: 150,000 JPY > 88,800JPY (Inc.TAX)
(Special one-time discount offer to celebrate the ASERT Japan launch.)

Capacity: 50 students
* Simultaneous Translation will be provided. (English/Japanese)
* Cocktail party will be held right after the training on 19 Oct (Wed).

If you have trouble applying via the web form, please email us ( ) the PDF form.
*MalwareAnalysis Training Registration(PDF)

Introduction to Static Malware Reverse Engineering

Malware analysts are responsible for assessing capabilities, identifying indicators of compromise and recognizing network communication patterns to effectively mitigate malware threats. This course, developed and taught by Arbor ASERT malware analysts, provides an introduction to static analysis to assist in accomplishing these tasks.

Who should take this course:
This training would be targeted towards individuals familiar with assembly language, but who are still learning to use IDA Pro. The goal would be to get them familiar enough looking at malicious code in IDA Pro that they would be able to take the "next step" in being comfortable analyzing basic malware.

Student Requirements:
* Basic knowledge of Windows Internals
* Basic Python knowledge

What Students Should Bring:
* Laptop PC (a few GB minimum free space)
* IDA Pro (demo version should work)(IDA runs on Mac / Windows / Linux, so any of those should work, but windows is preferred)

What Students will be provided:
* Course Materials
* Certification

Jason Jones

Trainer: Jason Jones

He is a Senior Security Researcher for Arbor Networks' ASERT team. His primary role involves reverse engineering malware, development of internal malware processing infrastructure, and other development tasks. Jason has spoken at various industry conferences including BlackHat USA, FIRST, BotConf, REcon, and Ruxcon.