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CODE BLUE CTF Quals(Online): 7/28 20:00 - 7/29 20:00(JST)
Finals(Onsite): 11/1 - 11/2 (TBA)

CODE BLUE CTF by binja & TokyoWesterns

CODE BLUE CTF organized by Japanese top player.

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We will invite the following teams to CODE BLUE CTF 2018 Finals
-Top 9 teams in CODE BLUE CTF 2018 Quals.
-Top 1 team in TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018.
We will provide a certain amount of travel allowance for these teams.

In modern times the Internet is the vital of our society, which inevitably brings about cyber crimes, increasing in number and quantity. In late years the importance of information security is getting recognized with reports on attacks toward a specific organization or the rapid prevalence of IoT devices, but when it comes to highly-sophisticated invasion, few people understand the way of causing and consequently guarding against it.
To deal with this problem, many security conferences, including CODE BLUE, try organizing CTF to extend the knowledge and understanding of state-of-the-art attack techniques and countermeasures.
It is often argued, however, that there exist some non-negligible differences between CTF and the real world cyber security. As a result, some people go so far as to say CTF does not work well as a teaching material. TokyoWesterns and binja, the hosts of this CTF have sought the way of improving the situation, and finally found one point which CTFs up to this day could not regard: CTFs could not care about the quality, especially the accuracy, of exploits. In the common formats like Jeopardy or Attack/Defence, there is no penalty for failed exploit attempts unless they are considered as brute-forcing; Players are allowed to run, fix, adjust and re-run their exploits as many times as they want until they get the flag. In contrast, the real performance does not permit such trial and error. Even just once you execute an unsuccessful exploit, it leaves obvious footprints and makes the target be on red alert, possibly shutting down his service to no longer give you opportunities of exploitation. This is definitely one of the gulfs between the real world and a "miniature garden", which CTF had to ignore because of its competition style.
This year, we CODE BLUE is going to hold the foremost CTF, bridging the abyss with the brand new rule no one has ever done: "Bull's Eye". Bull's Eye evaluates the reliability of submitted exploits, executing them thousands of times and counting the number of successful intrusions. The evaluated ratio can be considered as the percentage of victims unhappily stolen personal information from if a cyberattack comes about.
This novel rule not merely exhibits the foregoing great significance; the rule also purely makes CTF more interesting and enjoyable as a game to not only players, but spectators as well. It enables the organizers to create truly unique problems and visualize the match for the gallery even unfamilier with information security. To all of you, we hope to afford pleasure through our CTF.


Quals(Online/Jeopardy)+ Final(Onsite/Bulls Eye)

Quals: Jul.28th(Sat) 20:00(JST) 〜 Jul.29th(Sun) 20:00(JST)
Finals: Nov.1st (Thr) 〜 Nov.2nd(Fri) (TBA)