Registration - Attending the Conference.

You can register to attend the conference from the URL below under "Online Registrations"

*Online Registrations will open on November 8th (Fri) Japan Standard Time.

*Online Registrations will be closed to February 14th at Japan Standard Time.

*Regular price period is extended to February 7th, and Late Entry price period is extended to February 14th..

*Discounts given to supporting organizations and sponsors. For Details contact Code Blue at the contacts listed on the bottom of the page under Inquiries and contact:

*To register with the Wire Transfer to the Japanese Bank, please fill up BankTransferForm (zip file) and send us email at "reg [at]". You don't have to register via the Online Registration URL below.

Registration Fees
PriceEarly Bird Special Regular Price Late Entry On Site.
30,000 Yen 35,000 Yen 40,000 Yen 45,000Yen
Dates for Registrations 11/8 〜 1/51/6〜 2/72/8〜2/14  At Venue  

Remarks - Details

Press Registration - Press Pass

If you are a press member covering computer security related issues, you can register for a press pass. If you want to interview speakers or have specific questions please state your request and or inquiry in the comment box at registrations.

CODE BLUE has an open press registration policy but reserves the right to deny entry to the conference.

To receive a press pass at the registration desk at the conference please bring a copy of your Internet media and or publication with an article written by you, business cards, photo ID, and proof of media such as editorial contacts and or publication article.

Please if you are interested in registering as press, please pre-register. However CODE BLUE will not be able to verify your credentials over email and therefore we request that you provide the items stated above at the registration desk of the conference on the day(s) of the conference.

To register as press, please send an email to press [at] by Feb.7th 2014 (JST) with the following information:

  • Subject:[CODEBLUE] Press Registration
  • Body:
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