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CODE BLUE Covid-19 Measures

30th Sep. 2021

For Attendees attending the physical in-person conference.

We would like to request your cooperation with COVID-19 counter-measures.

  • -

    We request that you remain vigilant and avoid as much as possible crowded spaces such as karaoke stores, live music venues and other large crowds, two weeks prior to attending the conference.

  • -

    During the conference please keep your mask on and disinfect your hands. Please refrain from conversing with others without wearing your mask.

  • -

    When eating please maintain social distances of 1 meter and avoid facing each other. Please refrain from conversing while eating, drinking, or whenever you are not wearing a mask (e.g. smoking, etc).

Items to prepare in advance.

  • (1)

    Negative antibody test or PCR test results. (official certificate equivalent)

  • We will provide an antibody test kit for those who request in advance. (check during ticket purchase) Please take the test within 48 hours of attending the conference. Please bring your test kit showing the negative test result.

  • If you do not request the antibody test, please bring a negative PCR test result certificate (or equivalent) for a test taken within 72 hours or a negative test result certificate (or equivalent) for an antibody test taken within 48 hours prior to your attendance.

  • (2)

    Survey on health status.

  • We will ask all attendees to answer a Health Check Checklist. Please answer this checklist 48 hours prior to your attendance.

  • CB21 Covid Measures Checklist. (Google Form)(https://forms.gle/tYSeJiQDnQaPKS939)

  • After you answer this checklist, a "Checklist Answered" stamp image will be sent to your registered email address.

COVID-19 Measures during the conference.

Prior to entering the venue.

Attendees who meet all of the following three criterias will be allowed to enter the venue.

  • (1)

    Provide a negative test result certificate for either an antibody test or PCR test.

  • - Refer to the "Items to prepare in advance" section item (1) above for details.

  • (2)

    "Checklist Answered" stamp.

  • - Refer to the "Items to prepare in advance" section item (2) above for details.

  • (3)

    Body surface temperature check by AI facial recognition thermal camera.

  • - Below 37.0 (c) degrees. We will hand you a camera check passed sticker.

  • - Above 37.0 (c) degrees. A medical professional will retake your temperature (non-contact body thermometer)

  • a)Above 37.5 (c) degrees. We will deny your entry into the venue.

  • b)37.0 - 37.4 (c) degrees and shows symptoms. We will deny your entry into the venue.

  • c)37.0 - 37.4 If you did not answer the health checklist stating you have a normally high body temperature, we will ask you to take an antibody test. We will hand you the test to take. If the test shows a negative result you can enter the venue.

Once inside the venue.

  • -

    Please keep your masks on and disinfect your hands.

  • -

    Please refrain from speaking loudly or without your mask.

  • -

    Please respect our request for not conversing while eating or drinking at the venue.

  • -

    Please maintain social distance when inside the venue.

  • -

    We will have limited seating to ensure enough space between the attendees.

  • -

    Our staff will be checking the occupancy of the main halls and might limit entrance based on occupancy.

  • -

    Tables and chairs and other surfaces within the venue will be disinfected periodically.

  • -

    The venue air will be frequently replaced. (the main hall air will be circulated every 6 minutes)

  • -

    To avoid contact between our staff and the attendees, attendees are requested to pickup conference related material by themselves.

  • -

    Disinfectant wipes will be placed on the tables and chairs.

  • -

    We recommend you install the contact tracing app (COCOA).

  • -

    Violation of these guidelines may result in the removal from the venue.

CODE BLUE staff COVID-19 measures.

All CODE BLUE staff will adhere to the following:

  • (1)

    All staff will take a PCR test.

  • All staff will take a PCR test 72 hours prior to the conference and only staff members who are confirmed to be negative will be working the venue.

  • (2)

    All staff will record their health status starting two weeks prior to the conference.

  • All staff will avoid crowds and if there are any health issues (including family members) they will not work the venue.

  • (3)

    All staff members will wear a mask,measure body temperature and disinfect hands.

  • All staff will also not converse while eating or drinking at the venue.


  • Certificate equivalent for test results, include the physical test or email or other documentation showing a negative test result.

  • If you do test positive contact a medical professional immediately.

  • If you do not feel well, please do not attend the physical conference. Please attend the conference remotely.

  • Not feel well includes:

  • a)Cold like symptoms, fever (body temperature above 37.5)

  • b)Fever over 37.0 clearly above your normal temperature.

For inquiries, please email to the following.