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Call For Papers/Presentations Youth Track(U25)

Call For Papers/Presentations(U25)

CODE BLUE is accepting CFP applications for U25 Youth Track in order to support young engineers and researchers under the age of 25. This effort began in 2015 and since then many young researchers and engineers have taken the podium. Each lecture will undergo a rigorous review by the CODE BLUE executive committee and review board, and excellent lecturers will be awarded research and development incentives. The current maximum incentive amount is 500,000 yen but in the past, there have been cases where a maximum of 5 million yen was awarded to one speaker.
We are looking forward to your application from the link below.

Detail(CFP page)

(Deadline:23:59 15th August 2024 (JST/UTC+9)) 

●Youth Track Speakers of the past(★: Incentive recipients)


★UDeep-Kernel Treasure Hunt: Finding exploitable structures in the Linux kernel (Yudai Fujiwara)
★Pwning Electron Application : Analysis and Defense of Vulnerabilities in Electron Applications (Inseo An, Jemin Min)


★Under the hood of Wslink’s multilayered virtual machine (Vladislav Hrčka)
★Are Embedded Devices Ready for ROP Attacks? -ROP verification for low-spec embedded devices-(Yuuma Taki)


・Ethereum 2.0 Security (Naoya Okanami)
・Automated Hunting for Cross-Server Xrefs in Microsoft RPC and COM (Sai Cheng, Yongqing He, Zhimin Wang)


・I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT : Pwning The State-Of-The-Art the IoT Hub (Hongryeol Lim, Jisub Kim)
★Let's Make Windows Defender Angry: Antivirus can be an oracle! (Ryo Ichikawa)
・Semzhu-Project – A self-made new world of embedded hypervisors and attack detection methods (Yoshifumi Shu (Yiwen Zhu))


・Wake up Neo: detecting virtualization through speculative execution (Innokentii Sennovskii)
・RCE with Captive Portal (Yongtao Wang, Yunfei Yang, Kunzhe Chai)
★GLitch: hammering your phone through WebGL (Pietro Frigo)


・Take a Jailbreak -Stunning Guards for iOS Jailbreak- (Kaoru Otsuka)
★Vulnerabilities: A Legal Perspective (Saki Hashimoto, Masayuki Takeda)


・House of Einherjar -Yet Another Heap Exploitation Technique on GLIBC- (Hiroki Matsukuma)
・Be a Binary Rockstar: An Introduction to Program Analysis with Binary Ninja (Sophia D’Antoine)


・PANDEMONIUM: Automated Identification of Cryptographic Algorithms using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation and Fuzzy Hashing (Yuma Kurogome)
・Master Canary Forging: A new exploitation method to bypass stack canaries (Yuki Koike)