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This is the review board for papers submitted for talks at CODE BLUE



Born 1973 Tokushima Prefecture Phd. Engineering.After working at the Kodak corporations in digital imaging devices development,Yuji moved to the United States to work for eEye Digital Security Inc, focusing his research on security vulnerability analysis and vulnerability diagnostic technologies, embedded system security threat analysis.In 2007 established FFRI,Inc. focusing on researching core security technologies, consulting,security product development and sales.He is also a researcher for the Information-technology Promotion Agency,Japan, focusing on the analysis and planning of counter measures against treats surrounding computer security related issues.He has also been involved in numerous government related projects as a member and observer such as, Ministry of General Affairs "Cloud Security Commision",Cabinet Secretariat "Risk Requirement Reference Model Workgroup","Joint Collaboration Map Creation Workgroup",Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan,"Automotive Security Commission","Control System Security Commision". He is also a member of the Content Review Board for BlackHat Conference (USA).



Yoshinori Takesako is the executive committee chairperson, organizer, and challenge creator of the SECCON CTF contests that are held several times a year throughout Japan including large international online and in-person contests.
He is also on the OWASP Japan advisory board, the review board for the CODE BLUE conference, a Microsoft MVP of Developer Security, the leader of the Shibuya Perl Mongers group, and has been designated an expert in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 programming languages such as C# and other scripting languages.
He has also presented at information security conferences such as HITCON in 2011 "Disassembling Flash Lite 3.0 SWF Files", and OWASP AppSec APAC 2014 "Secure escaping method for the age of HTML5", and has published some books and papers:"Reading ECMA-262 Edition 5.1" and "How to Execute Arbitrary Code on x86 JIT Compliers" etc.



Secure Sky Technology Inc, Technical Adviser. Known for finding numerous vulnerablities in Internet Explorer、Mozilla Firefox and other web applications.He has also presented at Black Hat Japan 2008、South Korea POC 2008、2010 and others.
OWASP Kansai Chapter Leader



He started to work in the information security industry from 2000. He was involved with starting up the SOC business at LAC Co.,Ltd, and had worked at the branch office in United States. He discovered a number of the vulnerabilities of many prominent softwares such as Internet Explorer and Windows, as a information security researcher. He focued more on Malware analysis since more and more of the network worm issues came up these days, and published research results and books. Because he wanted to contribute more on the anti-malware specialized work, he moved to TrendMicro Incorporated in August 2013. CISSP.

Vincenzo Lozzo

Vincenzo Iozzo ヴィンチェンツォ・ロッゾ

Vincenzo is the CEO and Co-Founder of IperLane, Inc. Prior to IperLane, Vincenzo was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Rakoku Holdings where he focused on Information Security and FinTech. In addition to his work at IperLane, Vincenzo is a Partner at the Italian business incubator iStarter SpA. Vincenzo’s specialised research in Mac OS X security, smartphone exploitation, and exploit payloads has been presented at information security conferences around the world including Black Hat, Microsoft BlueHat, Qualcomm Security Summit and TedX.
Vincenzo serves as a committee member on the Black Hat Review Board and is a co-author of the “iOS Hacker’s Handbook” (Wiley, 2012). He is perhaps best known for his participation in Pwn2Own, where he co-wrote exploits for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari that placed second in 2012. Vincenzo also collaborates with the World Economic Forum on their Cyber Resilience project.

Masafumi Negishi

Masafumi Negishi 根岸 征史

Internet Initiative Japan Inc., Senior Engineer
He worked for information technology and consulting company for years, focusing on security assessment and penetration testing. In 2003, He moved to IIJ Technology, leading their security businesses as a manager of security service division. He is working for Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) as a member of CSIRT, conducting threat intelligence analysis. He is also an instructor of SANS training and a member of OWASP Japan Advisory Board.

SeungJin 'beist' Lee

SeungJin 'beist' Lee ソンジン・ビースト・リー

Beist has been a member of the IT security field since 2000. His first company was Cyber Research based in Seoul, South Korea and focused on pen-testing. He then got a Computer Engineering B.A. degree from Sejong University. He has won more than 10 Capture the Flag hacking contests in his country as well as passed DefCon quals 6 times. He has run numerous security conferences and hacking contests in Korea. Hunting bugs and exploiting them are his main interest. He is a graduate student at CIST IAS LAB, Korea University and CEO of a leading information security company in Korea, GrayHash.

XiaoDun Fang

XiaoDun Fang シャオドン・ファン

1. Be admitted by university at the age of 15.
2. Found vulnerabilities of a company and got his first job while he majored in chemical in university.
3. Founder of 80sec——a famous information security research team in China.
4. Technical Director of information security of Baidu.
5. Founder of WOOYUN community.
6. Founder of TangDynasty Cloud——a SaaS service."