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About Registration

  • Q. How can I register to attend the CODE BLUE?

    A. Registration detail will announce later. Please wait it.

About Payment, Invoice, Receipt

About Badges

  • Q. Will you send us the badges beforehand?

    A. No. We will give you the badge onsite. Please bring your QR ticket you received after registration.

About In-Person

  • Q. Is there a simultaneous interpretation available?

    A. Simultaneous translations will be available for Track1 & 2 (Japanese-English/English-Japanese). Please note that the translation receiver is very expensive, so please do not forget to return it when you leave the venue.

  • Q. Is there any power outlet we can use at the venue?

    A. No, we don't provide any power outlet for attendees. sorry.

  • Q. Internet access available for attendees?

    A. Yes. You will enjoy the internet access at onsite via WiFi.

  • Q. What is included on my ticket? lunch, coffee, and networking party?

    A. Lunch is not provided. Coffee will be provided during breaks. A networking party will be held on the last day. This is an excellent opportunity for participants to network and socialize. The cost is included in the ticket price. Please note that we may cancel the party depending on the infection status of COVID-19.

About Materials

  • Q. Do you provide the talk materials?

    A. No. We don't provide the talk materials at on-site. After the talks, we publish them on SlideShare if speakers allowed.

  • Q. Do you sell recordings of the talks?

    A. No, we do not currently plan to sell them yet.

  • Q. Will the archive of the talks video be published?

    A. After the conference, any videos which are approved by the speaker will be released. Please note that not every recording will be able to be released.

  • Q. Will the talks slides be published?

    A. After the conference, any slides approved by the speaker will be published.

Other Questions

  • Q. How can I get the updated information of CODE BLUE?

    A. CODE BLUE publish the news via SNS, plus the mailing list.。
    Official Site [ http://codeblue.jp/ ]
    Twitter [ @codeblue_jp ]
    Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/codeblue.jp ]
    Mailing List [ http://codeblue.jp/2022/news/#mailing_list ]

  • Q. How can I join the sponsor?

    A. Please send the inquiry to CODE BLUE. We can not hold this conference without sponsors' support.

  • Q. Press Registration available?

    A. Yes. Press registration is open to members of broadband, print and internet media who can prove they work for an organization or publication that covers computer security on a regular basis.
    For press registration, please wait our announcement.