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Press registration is open to reporters who regularly write about cybersecurity and members of the Internet media and broadcast industry.
In some cases, we may ask for identity confirmation in the form of a signed document from the press registrant in publications or news sites, business cards, ID cards, articles with the name of your organization, contact information of your editor, etc.
If you would like to interview a speaker or have specific questions answered, please make a request in the comment box at registration. Or you may also contact us at press@codeblue.jp later.

  • Press registrations will be accepted below.

  • Please fill out the following form.
    You will need to agree to CODE BLULE2023's “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” at “Eventory” from the link in the email.
    As that is the final step of the registration, please be sure to complete the entire process.

  • Press registration form (Google Form)  


    Registration Deadline: 2023 Nov. 2nd 23:59 (JST/UTC+9)

    If you have any questions about press registration, please send an e-mail to the following address.